Rep++ for CICS®

Integrate your legacy systems with your new technologies

The Rep++ adaptor for IBM® CICS® is the access door your mainframe. It allows you to set up bidirectional communication between your mainframe applications and .NET applications, execute mainframe applications, and retrieve data from the mainframe, using CICS.

With the Rep++ adaptor for CICS, you can:

  • Easily access and exchange data with the mainframe from your .NET environment, eliminating all the complexity and coding that our competitors' adaptors require.
  • Benefit from a better performance through multi-threading, which optimizes concurrent access.
  • Ensure the highest level of security in accessing the mainframe.

The execution of a CICS transaction is performed as follows:

  • An information block is transmitted from Rep++ to the CICS transaction.
  • The transaction is executed.
  • A return block is sent back to the application.

Data exchange between the .NET application and the CICS transaction is also achieved through data structures that are defined in the repository. This approach provides the same advantages as with any other Rep++ application. The exchange between the data structures and the CICS transactions is made possible through a data dictionary created at installation time and adapted to your central data dictionary. This new dictionary is then stored on the mainframe and ensures a perfect synchronization between your central data dictionary and the Rep++ repository. Utilities for comparison and synchronization between the dictionary and the repository are provided. The Rep++ adaptor for CICS creates an abstraction layer and integrates perfectly and seamlessly to the access and management mechanism of Rep++. If there is no dictionary on your mainframe, you can still take advantage of Rep++ adaptor for CICS, provided you specify and maintain the data structure formats manually when calling CICS transactions.

Rep++ adaptor for CICS offers the following benefits:

  • Very simple to use, it also reduces to almost nothing the necessary coding.
  • Supports multitasking for an optimal management of mainframe concurrent access.
  • Manages the security aspect when connecting and when executing transactions.
  • Integrates to the .NET environment.
  • Updates automatically the Rep++ repository data structures when the mainframe data structures are modified, without any manual intervention, recompilation or redeployment of applications.
  • Uses your CICS transactions as-is for:
  • the development of Web applications
  • the development of services (SOA)
  • the development of client-server applications.
  • Uses the CPI-C protocol for communicating with the mainframe, providing excellent performance.
  • Integrates with the CICS security system.
  • Supports the explicit, trust and none protection modes.