Rep++ for BizTalk®

Facilitate communication between applications

The Rep++ adaptor for BizTalk® is the ideal solution for integrating your applications with BizTalk and simplifying communication between Rep++ applications and other Rep++ or non-Rep++ applications.

BizTalk is a gateway for applications developed with various technologies to communicate with each other using messages. BizTalk receives the messages, validates them using an XSD schema, performs tasks such as transformation or routing, and forwards them to the target applications.

The Rep++ for BizTalk adaptor allows you to automate communication between Rep++ applications and BizTalk. Rep++ has already all the necessary data conversion functions for XML, the BizTalk preferred format. Message generation is thus effortless. The Rep++ repository contains all necessary definitions for its applications, namely all the information required to define the message structure in XML and to generate the XSD file that is registered with BizTalk to validate the messages.

The main benefits of the Rep++ adaptor for BizTalk are:

  • The use of XML, the preferred format for BizTalk.
  • The documented message structure always stored in the repository.
  • The automated data access.
  • The MSMQ support for message management.

Productivity gains with little effort!

The productivity gains from the Rep++ adaptor for BizTalk are real: the XML conversion functions are already included, the Rep++ repository contains already all the information that defines the structure of inbound/outbound messages, and this structure is documented at all times. As always, Rep++ automates data access, which frees you from the task of dealing with databases. In short, little or no code to write! With the Rep++ adaptor for BizTalk, your ability to communicate with other applications is greatly simplified. You can communicate and exchange data more easily with other applications, whether they were designed with or without Rep++!