Consyst Developing a Framework for Angular-Based SPAs

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December 2017 - Work is almost complete at Consyst for the new framework for SPAs (single-page applications) using Angular. Angular is an open-source, client-side framework for dynamic web applications. This powerful, component-based, full-featured technology is supported by an extensive community of web developers and designers. Unfortunately, in addition to its inherent complexity, it remains a front end only framework, and leaves out the overall development of other tiers of web applications.

The goal of the new Rep++ framework for SPA–Angular is to reduce the complexity associated with Angular and streamline the creation of complete SPAs. Rep++ already addresses the development challenges of web applications: it automates the creation of all the layers, as well as the communication and synchronization between them. The new Rep++ framework for SPA–Angular will therefore take advantage of the benefits of Angular on the client side, and offer a full-stack solution for the overall development of web applications.