Rep++ for .NET

An effective lever to enhance your agile strategy!

Rep++ is an agile model-driven development (AMDD) tool that will considerably accelerate the development of your applications and services. A key complement to Microsoft® Visual Studio®, Rep++ will typically shorten your sprints (design–development–test–maintenance cycles) by 4 to 12 times.

Rep++ promotes reuse (DRY Principle), facilitates development of multitier architectures, increases the quality and stability of services and applications, and speeds up their implementation. Here's how:

  • Rep++ automatically optimizes and takes care of the data access layer. It supports most popular database management systems, whether in a client-server or in a multitier architecture.
  • Rep++ automatically creates the presentation layer and most of the business and services layers through powerful frameworks and toolkits specifically designed for target technologies such as ASP.NET, MVC, WPF or Windows Forms.
  • Rep++ automates and synchronizes the transmission of data between the different tiers, regardless of the architecture.
  • Rep++ propagates the corrections and modifications performed on the model on all applications and services, regardless of the number of levels or complexity of the architecture.

Rep++ includes:

  • The Rep++ Model, which is centralized in an expandable repository, that lets you manage the reusable metadata (specifications) of your systems. The metadata are organized, documented and modified using a repository editor. One could even say that this centralized documentation "becomes the code" of your services and applications.
  • An execution engine that uses model execution rather than code generation to translate the metadata into applications. This modern approach is much simpler to use and set up, and allows significant advances in automating the development of applications. In addition to the benefits of abstraction, automation and reuse conferred by conventional generation, model execution eliminates problems related to performance, synchronization, and integrity, increases code readability, simplifies code maintenance, and significantly reduces the size of the applications. In particular, this approach dramatically improves the quality and performance of mobile applications.
  • Powerful frameworks and specialized .NET libraries that let you easily create alternate presentation layers for desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones.
  • Several toolkits designed for various technologies and architectures, and that adapt to your .NET development platform.
  • Specialized wizards, integrated to Visual Studio, that simplify the creation of your applications and services according to your preferred architecture or technology (2-tier, multitier, fat client, Web client, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, Windows Forms, mobile, etc.).
  • Adaptors that enable communication between Rep++ applications and third-party applications or systems. You can integrate your applications using the Rep++ for BizTalk® adaptor, or communicate with your IBM® mainframe using the Rep++ for CICS® adaptor.