Low-code tools among Forrester's 15 trends to watch

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June 2015 - Big desktop applications, designed from requirements that are as numerous as they are rigid, that take months if not years to develop, and that target only one output device are on steady decline. Instead, new lightweight, flexible, rapidly deployable, multi-device, cross-platform applications that work seamlessly together are taking hold, becoming the new standard and driving the trend to an accelerated rate of delivery.

Low-code platforms are gaining popularity as a way to achieve the flexibility and rapid delivery that characterize this new shift in application development. Low-code platforms are environments where manual hand-coding is minimized, where requirements, design, development and deployment can be shared, and where increased automation can be achieved. These platforms are among the top 15 emerging technologies to watch through 2020, according to Forrester®.

Rep++ possesses many characteristics of low-code platforms that can help organizations achieve continuous delivery.

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