Expert Coaching

Consyst's professional have a solid experience in .NET technologies and architecture, and in the development, implementation and maintenance of .NET applications and services. They are often involved at all levels of the process, and can therefore help you, for example, design and implement an information system that integrates Rep++, or migrate an existing system to a new architecture or technology.

Our expert coaching service is provided in close collaboration with your team.  We can help you reduce the risks and delays associated with the implementation of a new applications and services, and optimize your technology investments through the following:

  • The training and coaching of your technical resources on the Rep++ and .NET technologies.
  • The elaboration of a migration plan to the .NET technologies.
  • The design and validation of a technology and application architecture.
  • The integration of Rep++ to existing frameworks.
  • The development or adaptation of Rep++ frameworks  or specific Rep++ components.
  • The development of applications.