A new framework for single-page applications

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April 2015 - Consyst is currently completing the development of an application framework for creating SPAs, or single-page applications. SPAs are Web applications that are contained in one page, and in which the traffic between client and server is limited to data: their interface can be redrawn without server intervention. In addition to minimizing the use of bandwidth, these features are making SPAs very fluid, ideal as responsive applications (for tablets, smart phones, desktop computers).

Consyst created a version of Rep++ that effectively implements this approach. The Rep++ runtime, as well as the presentation layer, are defined on the client and manage the data structures and validation code. Client-server communication is only used for loading or saving data. Binding of the data with the interface is realized with the Knockout library.

With this new Rep++ application framework, you will soon be able to include SPAs among the range of presentation layers that you can adopt for your applications.