Rep++ Wizards

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Improve your agility and reduce dramatically the duration of your sprints!

Rep ++ simplifies and considerably accelerates the sprints cycles (development–test–maintenance–deployment) of your services and applications, and as a result increases the agility and performance of your team of programmers. Rep ++ achieves this by automating much of the codification throughout the cycle.

To reach this level of automation, Rep ++ provides a series of wizards integrated into Visual Studio® .NET that help you create projects for various technologies and architectures, such as WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET MVC, or in a client-server or multitier architecture.

The role of the assistant is to collect information from the developer and then create the projects, services, and forms on the basis of the selected information and options. In the particular case of multitier applications, the wizard generates all projects and classes required for remoting, i.e. for communicating between the different tiers.

Used in conjunction with its assistants and application frameworks, Rep ++ allows you to create functional data input services and applications in the target technology in less than 5 minutes. All that is left to do is to complete the specific validations to implement your business rules. (See the demo An application in 60 seconds!.)

With these innovations, Rep ++ shortens your sprint cycles by reducing by 4 to 12 times your codification, testing and maintenance efforts. You only need to focus on the core of your information system: your business rules and the needs of your customers. You can therefore deliver, much faster, services and applications that are more stable, more efficient, and simply better.