Rep++ Model

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The core of Rep++®

The Rep++ model is a centralized information system used to describe, contain, document and manage the reusable metadata of your systems. It stores properties used to automate validations, various data structures, business and presentation rules, relations, and many other information items. Together, these items define, standardize and organize a significant part of the presentation, services, business, and data access layers. The model inherently ensures that they are well documented and shared by all your applications and services. The model also guarantees that the metadata is shared among all stakeholders, be they designers, database specialists or programmers; it ensures complete consistency, from design to maintenance, coding, testing and deployment. Managing metadata in this way, programmers eliminate a significant portion of the coding and avoid duplication across applications and services.

Rep++ studio, the model editor, allows you to import and gain access to the metadata and to enrich, group and organize all the information to create your transactions. Via Visual Studio®, the metadata is then dynamically linked to your services and applications through a powerful model execution mechanism. Your metadata is not replicated, but is instead reused, which reduces the probability of introducing errors and increases the coherence of your systems, especially within a multitier architecture. As the metadata is mostly used dynamically within your services and applications, the coding, testing and maintenance effort is thereby greatly reduced. Not only the model ensures minimal documentation of your applications and services, but it is a real information system that allows you to understand the relations between the metadata, to query the metadata and to understand the impact of any changes to your applications and services.

Rep++ keeps your applications in sync with the model, and changes you make to the model are automatically applied to all of your applications and services without any involvement on your part. This unique approach is implemented through the model execution mechanism, which makes Rep++ most powerful  AMDD1 tool on the market!

1. AMDD: Agile Model-Driven Development.