Increase your agility!

Adapt your model throughout your sprints
Create, test, validate your applications in record time

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Speed up your SOA implementation

Speed up the implementation of your services architecture
Automate your updates, tests and deployments

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Manage more easily your multitier architecture

See the different layers synchronize right before your eyes
Scale your services and applications development strategy

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Move Rapidly to Mobile

Easily adapt your applications to mobile platforms

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How Rep++ Works


1Collect your metadata
Import the tables and columns from an existing information system in the Rep++ model using the Rep++ update wizard.

2Use your metadata
Rep++ uses the metadata stored in the model to seamlessly adapt, through model execution, the controls attached to the fields.

3An application in 60 seconds!
Rep++ uses the metadata stored in the model and the Rep++ wizards integrated with Visual Studio®, to create an application.

3'A mobile app in a snap
Rep++ uses the information stored in the model along with a Bootstrap template to create a mobile app in a snap.