Increase your agility!

Adapt your model throughout your sprints
Create, test, validate your applications in record time

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Speed up your SOA implementation

Speed up the implementation of your services architecture
Automate your updates, tests and deployments

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Manage more easily your multitier architecture

See the different layers synchronize right before your eyes
Scale your services and applications development strategy

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Move Rapidly to Mobile

Easily adapt your applications to mobile platforms

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Manage more easily your multitier architecture!

See the different layers synchronize right before your eyes
Scale your services and applications development strategy

With Rep++, you can easily and quickly create multitier services and applications using a model-driven approach. Change your model and watch all the different tiers self-synchronize!

Multitier architectures offer important benefits, like clean separation of concerns. They also promote good component design and security, and also make it easy to add or use concurrent presentation technologies. The model provides for all tiers, which is effective when tackling complex systems.

Typically, in multitier architectures, the more tiers, the more versatile and reusable a system becomes. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost.

  • An increase in quantity and complexity of code, mainly because of:
    • Communication between tiers.
    • Replication of code and structures in different tiers.
  • An increase in the time spent on replicating, maintaining, testing and deploying each tier.
  • A wider set of skills required for working with the various technologies, for each tier.

Rep++ drastically minimizes the downsides of multitier architectures and makes it a lot easier to create and maintain your services and applications:

  • The Rep++ wizards help you create your applications automatically, according to your preferred architecture (two-tier or multitier) in same or in separate assemblies.
  • Rep++ keeps the metadata in a centralized model that can easily be accessed by your applications and services.
  • Rep++ minimizes code duplication between tiers. Using the metadata, Rep++ creates an abstraction layer that contains the code shared between tiers, thereby eliminating the replication of code and data structure. Each layer therefore only contains tier specific code.
  • Rep++ automatically takes care of data access, which dispenses you of implementing, testing and maintaining it.
  • Through model execution, changes made to the metadata are automatically applied to all tiers, which drastically reduces testing and maintenance, and increases the overall quality of your applications.